La Vie En Rose chords
Cristin Milioti

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G Gmaj7 Em Am D D7
GHold me close and hold meGmaj7 fast
The magic spells you Emcast
This is La Vie en AmrosDe
When you kiss me heaven D7sighs
And though I close my Deyes
AmLa GVie en roseD
I see La Vie en Dsus4rose D7
GWhen you press me to your Gmaj7heart
I'm in a world aEmpart
When you kiss me heaven D7sighs
a world where roses Cbloom
AmAnd when you speak angels Gsing from above
AmEveryday words seem to Dturn into love songs
GGive your heart and soul to Gmaj7me
I'm in a world aEmpart
And life will always Cbe
AmLa DVie en roseG
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Original Song Key: G Major
From the show "How I Met Your Mother."