The Hanukkah Song chords
Adam Sandler

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APut on your Eyarmulke, Dhere comes EHanukkah
AIt's so much Efun-akkah, to Dcelebrate EHanukkah
AHanukkah Eis the DFestival of ELights
AInstead of one day of Epresents, we have Deight crazy Enights
AWhen you feel like the only Ekid in town
DSo many Jews are in show biz...
WithDout a ChrisEtmas tree
AHere's a list of Epeople who are Jewish
DJust like you and Eme
ADavid Lee ERoth Dlights the menoErah
ASo do Kirk DougElas, James Caan
WithEout a ChrisDtmas tree
And the Dlate Dinah EShore-ah
AGuess who eats toEgether at the DCarnegie EDeli
ABowzer from ESha-na-na, and DArthur FonzerErelli
APaul Newman's half EJewish and DGoldie Hawn's half Etoo
APut them toEgether, what a Dfine lookin' EJew! Esus2 E
DYou don't need "Deck the Halls" or "Jingle Bell Rock"
ECause you can Esus2spin a dreidel
DAll three EstoogeEsus2s E
With Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock - both JewEsus2ish!
APut on your Eyarmulke, it's Dtime for EHanukkah
The Aowner of the Seattle SuperEsonic-ah cDelebrates HEanukkah
AO.J. ESimpson... Dnot a EJew!
But Aguess who Eis Hall of DFame-er Rod CaErew (he converted)
AWe got Ann ELanders and her Dsister Dear AEbby
AHarrison Ford's a Equarter Jewish, Dnot too Eshabby
ASome people Ethink that DEbeneezer EScrooge is
DYou don't need "Deck the Halls" or "Jingle Bell Rock"
Well, he's Anot, but Eguess who is
DAll three EstoogeEsus2s E
DSo many Jews are in show biz...
ETom Cruise isn't, but I think his agent is Esus2
ATell your friend VerEonica it's Dtime you celebrate EHanukkah
And the Elate Dinah DShore-ah
I Ahope I get a harEmonica, on this Dlovely, lovely EHanukkah
So Adrink your gin-a-Etonic-ah, and Dsmoke your mariEjuana-kah
If you Areally, really Ewanna-kah,
Happy Hanukkah!
Have a Dhappy, happy, Ehappy, happy AHanukkah
Happy Hanukkah!
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