Do You Want To Build A Snowman chords

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Verset 1
Do you wanna build aEb snowman?
Come on let's go and pBblay
I never see you Cmanymore
Come About the door, it's like you've gone Bbaway
We used to be best Cmbuddies
And nowEb we're not
I wCmish you wouldG7 tell me whyAb
Do you wanna build a snoEbwman?
It doesn't have to be a snAbowman
(Go away Anna) Okay bEbye
Verset 2
Do you wanna build a sEbnowman?
Or ride our bikes around the hBballs?
I think some company is oveCmrdue
I've started talkAbing to the pictures on the walBbls
(Hang in there, Joan)
It getCms a little lonely
All these empty roEboms just watcCmhing the hoG7urs tick bAby
Verset 3
Elsa? Please, I know you're in thEbere
People asking where you've beBben
They say "have courage" and I'm trying Cmto
They say "have courage" and I'm trying Cmto
I'm right out here for Abyou, just let me iBb7n
We only have eCmach other
It's just you aEbnd me
CmWhat are we gonG7na doAb?
Do you wanna build a snowmEban?
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Tonalité d'origine: Eb Majeure