I Don't Want to Live on the Moon chords
Sesame Street

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C G Am F G C
Verset 1
Well, I'd lCike to viGsit the mAmoon
On a roFcket ship hG7igh in the aCir
Yes, I'd lCike to viGsit the mAmoon
But I doFn't think I'd Glike to live tChere
Though I'd lFike to look down at the eaCrth from above
I would miFss all the places and peCople I love
So alFthough I might likG7e it for E7one aftAmernoon
Well, I'd Cdance on a G7moonbeam and Fthen
I dFon't want to lGive on the mCoon
Verset 2
I'd like to Ctravel Gunder the Amsea
I would miCss all the places and peFople I love
I could Fmeet all the fG7ish everCywhere
Yes, I'd Ctravel uGnder the Amsea
But I Fdon't think I'd Glike to live Cthere
I might Fstay for a day there if CI had my wish
But there's Fnot much to do when your fCriends are all fish
And an Foyster and G7clam aren't E7real famiAmly
I'd like to vCisit the junFgle, hear the lGions rCoar
So I dFon't want to Glive in the Csea
I'd like to vFisit the junCgle, hear the lGions rCoar
FGo back in tGime and meet a Cdinosaur
There's sFo many stG7range places I'dE7 like to Ambe
No, I dGon't want to lFive on the moCon
But nFone of them GpermanentlCy
Verset 3
So if CI should Gvisit the Ammoon
Well, I'd Fdance on a G7moonbeam and Cthen
I would Cmake a Gwish on a Amstar
But there's Cnot much to do when your fFriends are all fish
And I'd Fwish I was Ghome once aCgain
Though I'd Flike to look down at the Cearth from above
I would Fmiss all the places and Cpeople I love
I'd like to Gtravel Cunder the Amsea
So alFthough I mayG7 go I'll be comE7ing home sAmoon
Cause I dFon't want to lGive on the mCoon
No, I dFon't want to lGive on the moCon
C G Am F G C
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