Seven Bridges Road chords

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Verse 1
DThere are Cstars
GIn the southern Dsky
DSouthward Cas you Ggo D
DThere is Cmoonlight
And Gmoss in the tDrees
DDown the seven Cbridges GroadD
Verse 2
DNow I have Cloved yGou like Da baby
DLike some lConesome Gchild D
DAnd I have Cloved yGou in a Dtame way
And if ever you deDcide you should Ggo C
DAnd I have Cloved you Gwild D
CSometimes there's a part of Dme
CHas to turn from here and Dgo
GAnd I have Cloved yDou in a Dtame way
CRunning like a child from Dthese warm stars
DDown the seven Cbridges Groad D
Verse 3
DThere are Cstars in the Gsouthern Dsky
And if ever you deCcide you should Ggo D
DHas to turn from here and Cgo
There is a Ctaste of Gthyme sweetenedD honey
Down the seven Cbridges GroadD
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Original Song Key: D Major