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Take It To The Limit chords

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B E B F# E
All Balone at the end of the Eevening
And the Bbright lights have faded to Eblue
I was Bthinking 'bout a D#7woman who might have G#mloved me
But I never F#knew
BYou know I've always bF#een a dreamer
BSpend my life runnin' rEound
and it's Eso hard to Bchange (can't seem to settle down)
Nobody sEeems to care
but the Edreams I've seen C#mlately
Ekeep on turnin' out
and F#burnin' out and F#turnin' out the F#same
So Eput me on a Bhighway and Eshow me a Bsign
and Etake it to the F#limit one moreB time.
B E B F# E
You can Bspend all your time making mEoney
Or you can Bspend all your love making Etime
If it Ball fell to D#7pieces tomG#morrow
would you still be F#mine?
B And when you're looF#king for your freBedom
And the Ebright lights have faded to Bblue
Nobody sEeems to care
And you can't find the Bdoor (can't find it Eanywhere)
When there's Enothing to beC#mlieve in
EStill you're coEming back,
You're F#running back, you're F#coming back for F#more
So Eput me on a Bhighway and Eshow me a Bsign
And Etake it to the F#limit one moG#mre time
Outro (2x)
ETake it toF# the liEmit, take it toF# the limit
ETake it to the F#limit one moBre time
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Original Song Key: B Major