Blue Christmas chords
Elvis Presley

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I'll have a Eblue Christmas withBout you
I'll be so B7blue just thinking abEout you
DecorBmations of Ered on a Agreen Christmastree
F#Won't be the same, if Byou're not here withB7 me
And when those Eblue snowflakes start Bfallin'
And when those B7blue melodies start Ecallin'
You'll be doBmin' all Eright, with your AChristmas of wF#7hite
But IB'll have a blue, blue, blue, blue EChristmas
I'll have a EBlue Christmas that's ceBrtain
You'll be doiBmn' all Aright, with your ChEristmas of wF#7hite
And when thaB7t blue heartache starts Ehurtin'
You'll be doiBmn' all Eright, with your ChAristmas of wF#7hite
But BI'll have a blue, blueE Christmas
But BI'll have a blue, blueE Christmas
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Original Song Key: E Major