This Is Home chords

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Cmaj7 Cm G
Cmaj7 Cm G
Verso 1
Cmaj7 Often I Cmam upset Gthat I cannot fall in love but I gueCmaj7ss
This avoids the sCmtress of falling out of iGt
Cmaj7 Are you tireCmd of me yetG?
I'm a little sick right now but I sCmaj7wear
When I'm readyCm I will fly us out of here G
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, I'll cut my hair
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, To make you stare
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, I'll hide my chest
EmOoo-Goo-Coo, My eyes went dark
And I'll fEmigure out a way to get us Cmout of here G
Puente (4x)
EmOoo-Coo Goo
Verso 2
Cmaj7 Turn off your porcCmelain faceG
I can't really think right now and this plCmaj7ace
Em Get a load of this monster
Has too many cCmolors enough to drive alGl of us insane
Are you deCmaj7ad? SometimCmes I think I'm deadG
Cause I can feel ghosts and ghouls wrapping my hCmaj7ead
But I don't wanna Cmfall asleep just yGet
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, My eyes went dark
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, I don't know where
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, My pupils are
But strCmangely he fEmeels at home in this plaGce
But I'll figEmure out a way to get us Cmout of here G
Em Get a load of this monster
A He doesn't know how to communicate
C His mind is in a different place
WillG everybody please give him a lBm7ittle bit of space
A His hair's a mess and he doesn't know who he iCs yet
But little do wCmaj7e know, the stars
Has too many cCmolors enough to drive alGl of us insane
Welcome him with oGpen arms
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, Time is
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, Slowly
EmOoo-Coo-Goo, Tracing his face
EmOoo-Goo-Coo, I'll hide my chest
But strEmangely he fCmeels at home in this plaGce
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