Desperado chords

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G G7 C Cm
G Em7 A7 D7
DesperGadoG7, why don't you Ccome to your sCmenses?
You beGen out ridin' Em7fences foA7r so long D7now
Oh, you're a Ghard oneG7, I know that Cyou got your reaCmsons
These Gthings thB7at are Em7pleasiA7n' you can D7hurt you someGhow
Verset 1
DDon't youEm draw the queen ofBm diamonds boy
She'll Cbeat you if she's Gable
You know the Em7queen of hearts is Calways your best GbetD
Now it Emseems to me some fBmine things
You bGetter leEmt somB7ebody love Am7you beforeD7 it'Gs too late
Have been Claid upon your Gtable
But youEm only want the oA7nes you can't Am7get
DDeD7speGradG7o, oh you ain'tC gettin' no yoCmunger,
DDon't your Bmfeet get cold in the Emwinter time?
YourG pain and your hEm7unger, they're A7drivin' you D7home
And Gfreedom, oh frG7eedom, that's just Csome people Cmtalkin'
YourG prisB7on isEm7 walkin' through A7this worldD7 all aGlone
Verset 2
DDon't your Emfeet get cold in the Bmwinter time?
But youA7 only want the oEmnes you can't Am7get
The Csky won't snow and the Gsun won't shine
It's Em7hard to tell the Cnight time froGm the Dday
You're Emlosin' all yourBm highs and lows
Ain't iCt funny how thGe feelin' goeAm7s away
DDesD7perGadoG7, why don't you Ccome to your seCmnses?
Come Gdown from Dyour feEmncesA7, open the gaD7te
It maGy be raG7inin', but there's a Crainbow above yCmou
YourG prisA7on isEm7 walkin' through B7this worldD7 all aGlone
You bGetter leB7t somEmebody love CyouG Am7
You bGetter leB7t somEmebody love Am7you beforeD7 it'Gs too late
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Tonalité d'origine: G Majeure