Peppermint Winter chords
Owl City

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Cadd9 C Cmaj7 C
Cadd9 C Cmaj7 C
Verse 1
Cadd9There's the CsnoCmaj7w
CLook Cadd9out belowC Cmaj7
And Cbundle Fup
Cause Amhere it FcomGes
CSo stCadd9arry eyedC Cmaj7
CA snowball Amfight breaks Fout
And Dwinter has finally Fbegun
GI twirl through the dAmriveway with Fangelic Cgrace
EmTill I slip on the sAmidewalk and fFall on my fGace
This peAmppermint wGinter is so sCugar Fsweet
DmAll this Gholiday Ccheer
I don't need to Gtaste to Dbelieve
What's FDecember Gwithout Christmas CEve
Verse 2
Cadd9Hop in the sCleiCmaj7gh
CAnd we'll Cadd9glide CawaCmaj7y
CInto the nFight
And we'll Amsip on FmoonGlight
CAre getting Amcold but FI feel Dalive
So I smile widFe
GThe snowflakes start Amfalling and IF start tCo float
EmTill my mean older bAmrother stuffsF snow down Gmy coat
What's ADecember Gwithout Christmas DEve
This peAmppermint wGinter is so sCugar Fsweet
I don't need to Gtaste to Dbelieve
What's FDecember Gwithout Christmas CEve
DmAll this Choliday Gcheer
Heaven Fknows where it Cgoes
But it Amreturns every yGear
DmAnd though this Cwinter does nFothing but sCtorm
AmTill my mean older bEmrother stuffsG snow down Fmy coat
The Fjoy in myC heart is Fablaze and it's keeping me GwaAmrm F C
It's keeping me warmEm Am F G
It's keeping me warmAm G C F G D F G C
I Arip off the Bmwrapping and Gtear through the Dbox
Till I F#mend up with Bm45 Gnew pairs of sAocks
This Bmpeppermint wAinter is Dso sugar sGweet
And we'll Amsip on GmoonFlight
I don't need to Ataste to Ebelieve
What's GDecember Awithout Christmas DEve
A Bm G D
F#m Bm G A
AmTill I slip on the sEmidewalk and fGall on my fFace
Bm A D G
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Original Song Key: C Major