Fake Plastic Trees chords

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A Her green plastic waAsus4tering Acan
A For her fake chinese rubAmaj7ber plaDsus2nt
In the fake plAasticDsus2 earth
A That she bought from aAsus4 rubberA man
A In a town full of rubAmaj7ber plaDsus2ns
To get rAid of itDsus2self
It wears heBmr out, it wears her Aout
It wears her oBmut, it wears her Aout
A She lives with a Bmbroken man
A A cracked polystyrAmaj7ene maDsus2n
Who just crAumbles andDsus2 burns
If I could bAe who you wanted
A He used to doAsus4 surgerAy
A For girls in the eiAmaj7ght - Dies
But gravity aAlwaysDsus2 wins
And it wears him Bmout, it wears him Aout
And it wears him Bmout, it weaArs
She Alooks like the Asus4real thAing
But gravity aAlwaysDsus2 wins
A She tastes like the reAmaj7al thiDsus2ng
My fake plAasticDsus2 love
A But I can't help tAsus4he feelAing
A I could blow through the cAmaj7eil - Dsus2ing
If I juAst turn andDsus2 run
And it wears me Bmout, it wears me Aout
It wears me Bmout, it weaArs me out
And if I could bDsus2e who you wanted
A I could blow through the cDsus2eil - Amaj7ing
If I could bAe who you wanted
AlDsus2l the time, allA the time
Dsus2 A Dsus2 A
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Original Song Key: A Major