What Sarah Said chords
Death Cab for Cutie

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F G Am C
F G Am C
F G Am C
F G Am C
Verso 1
And it Fcame to me then that Gevery plan
Is a Amtiny prayer to Cfather time
As I Fstared at my shoes in the GICU
That Amreeked of piss and Em409
And I Frationed my breaths as I Gsaid to myself
That I'd Amalready taken too Cmuch today
As each Fdescending peak on the GLCD
Took you a Amlittle farther aEmway from me
AFway from me
G Am C
F G Am C
Verso 2
Amongst the Fvending machines and year old Gmagazines
In a Amplace where we only Csay goodbye
It sung like a Fviolent wind that our Gmemories depend
On a Amfaulty camera Emin our minds
So Cwho's gonna Gwatch you Amdie F
And I knew that Fyou were truth I would Grather loose
Than to have Amnever lain beCside at all
And I Flooked around at all the Geyes on the ground
As the AmTV enterEmtained itself
Cause Dmthere's no comfort Fin the waiting Amroom Em
Just Dmnervous paces Fbracing for bad Amnews Em
And then the Dmnurse comes round
And Feveryone lifts their Amhead Em
Amongst the Gvending machines and year old Fmagazines
But I'm Dmthinking of what FSarah said
That Amlove is watching Emsomeone die
F G Am C
F G Am C
So Fwho's gonna Gwatch you Amdie C
F G Am C
And Feveryone lifts their Emhead Am
So Fwho's gonna Gwatch you Amdie C
F G Am C
So Fwho's gonna Gwatch you Amdie C
F G Am C
F G Am C
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