Auto Lock Ukulele Hanger Review


Pros: Automatic locking mechanism keeps the uke in the hanger.

Cons: Instrument may hang away a bit farther from the wall.

Auto Lock Ukulele Hanger details 1


The Auto Lock hanger is a solid choice of hanger for ukuleles. It can automatically open and close the front supports, which make it easier to use overall. The locking mechanism works from the weight of the instrument, and is reliable, even for small light instruments. The quality is solid for the price point, but it would have been more impressive with actual wood instead of plastic for the hanger portion.


This hanger is differentiated from other hangers with its auto lock feature. Placing the instrument into the hanger will automatically close the arms, while lifting the instrument will automatically open the arms. This can be helpful to ensure it does not slip out the front. That said, this is rarely a significant risk, so consider if this feature makes sense for you based on the environment around the hanger. It is somewhat lacking in other features, for examples some players may prefer softer cushioning.


The base of the hanger is made of solid mahogany wood, however the other parts are plastic with wood plating to improve the appearance. The auto lock mechanism seems to work fine based on pressure from the instrument, and even works with very light ukuleles.


The mahogany wooden finish is attractive, though more so for the base than the actual hanger. Additionally, the black "sensor" area looks a bit out of place compared to the wooden finish. Additionally, because of the construction, instruments may hanger farther from the wall than usual. This is typically not a significant problem, but it might appear odd.

Auto Lock Ukulele Hanger details 2


At around $15, this Auto Lock hanger is a solid option for hanging your ukulele at a low price point. The locking is a nice feature, though it's also not completely necessary. The quality is good overall, and matches the price. It loses some points on style, for not having solid wood throughout, and for issues involving the instrument hanging farther from the wall.