ChromaCast Metal Padded Ukulele Wall Hanger Review


Pros: Great value at under $10. Hanger is highly adjustable, and will fit ukuleles and guitars alike. Simple and uniform black design.

Cons: Padding is relatively thin. Large logo is a blemish on an otherwise elegant style.

ChromaCast Metal Padded Ukulele Wall Hanger details 1


The Chromacast Metal Padded Ukulele Wall Hanger (CC-GWALL) is a wall-mounted hanger for ukuleles, and is also suitable for larger instruments like guitars. The mount itself is made of steel. It includes four screws and anchors for mounting, and should be screwed directly into the surface. The yoke has two rubber-padded arms that come out of the base to support your instrument. Both arms can be adjusted to fit instruments of different shapes and sizes.


As with other wall-mounted hangers, there is some installation setup in the initial mounting. It comes with screws and anchors for mounting, but depending on the wall or surface, you could use your own mounting equipment. On the wall, you will generally want to mount it to a stud. The actual hanger has rubber padding, which is very common for this style of ukulele hanger. There is only a small amount of padding, but it will help prevent minor scratches or damage. The arms are highly adjustable, which makes this hanger suitable for a large variety of instrument sizes.


The metal mount should hold the hanger securely against the wall without issue. However, this is nothing special, as wood-based mounts would be secure as well. The padding on the arms of the hanger should be sufficient for primary usage, but it is also thinner than other similar hangers or stands. Overall, the quality is good, especially considering the value.


The entire ukulele hanger is black, including the steel mount, the yoke, and the padding. This helps to give the hanger an overall uniform good-looking design. Depending on the surrounding decor, you may prefer a wooden hanger that comes in different styles. One negative aspect of the style is that the ChromaCast logo is quite large, positioned towards the bottom of the mount. While this will usually be mostly blocked by an instrument on the hanger, it is somewhat of an eye-sore.

ChromaCast Metal Padded Ukulele Wall Hanger details 2


At under $10, this ChromaCast wall hanger presents a great hanger at a low cost. It is flexible in terms of adjustability, but you will need to commit to screwing the mount directly into the wall. The features and quality are high considering the low price of the hanger.