Eddy Finn Collapsible Ukulele Stand Review


Pros: Easily collapsible, which makes it easy to move from place to place. Very low cost, while still maintaining decent quality.

Cons: The base is rather narrow, so it may not hold tenor or baritone ukuleles. Manufacturing quality varies, and in some cases the stand may wobble.

Eddy Finn Collapsible Ukulele Stand details 1


The Eddy Finn Collapsible A-Frame ukulele stand (EF-US) is a very basic and inexpensive stand to support your ukulele. There is a single hinge at the top of the stand, which allows it to be fully collapsible by simply folding the stand at the hinge. The hinge area is covered in padding which comes in contact with the upper rear of the ukulele's base. There are two leg supports, with standard padded arms to support the ukulele from the bottom. It measures about 11 inches tall by 8 inches wide.


This particular stand is very minimalist and low cost, and the available features mirror that design. Padding and arm support are relatively standard compared to other ukulele stands, but they are somewhat narrow in this instance. Because of this, larger instruments may not fit, including tenor ukuleles, baritone ukuleles, and mandolins. On the plus side, the stand is completely collapsible, which makes it a great option for playing on-the-go, travel, or placing in storage.


One of the benefits of having a very simple design is that there are fewer things that can go wrong. The quality of the foam padding is comparable to similar stands. There is only one movable part - the hinge - which is covered in padding as well. It is unlikely for problems to develop there. Depending on manufacturing, it is possible that the two leg supports may not be completely even, leading to a slight wobble. This is usually fixable, depending on severity. In general, the quality is decent considering the cost.


This stand is composed of simple black metal with thin foam padding. While it is not particularly stylish, it gets the job done without any extra parts. Considering the simplicity, it should also blend in well in almost any surrounding environment. Be careful when removing the brand stickers on the stand so that the sticky residue is not left behind afterwards.

Eddy Finn Collapsible Ukulele Stand details 2


The Eddy Finn collapsible stand is an excellent value for an inexpensive ukulele stand. Features and style are bare-bones, but quality is decent considering that the stand retails for under $10. We would recommend this stand for musicians with smaller ukuleles (soprano or concert) and who need a basic ukulele stand on a budget.