String Swing Metal Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger Review


Pros: Inexpensive hanger option. Sturdy with only two mounted screws. Adjustable hanger, but for small instruments only. Comes in multiple colors.

Cons: Not suitable for larger instruments. Mixed coloring of arms has an inelegant appearance.

String Swing Metal Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger details 1


The String Swing Metal Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger (BCC11UK) is an inexpensive and durable wall-mounted hanger for small instruments. It has a black metal base made of coated steel, with two screws for mounting to a wall or other steady surface. The hanger itself has brown-colored padding to protect the instrument. While it is somewhat adjustable, this model is only meant for small instruments like the ukulele or mandolin. Larger instruments would need a larger-sized model of the hanger.


Installation of the mount should be fairly straightforward. Mounting hardware is included, and you can screw it directly to your wall where desired. Traditional advices follows, in terms of mounting to studs or drywall. There are only two screws, which will limit the setup (compared to other hangers which require additional mounting points). The hanger provides ample padding to protect your ukulele. The instrument should hang approximately three inches away from the wall.


The quality is high, given the low price point. The metal base is sturdy, the installation is simple, and the hanger has great support for the instrument. The simple design means that there are few points of failure, and you are unlikely to encounter any major issues with this hanger.


The hanger has mud-colored arms, followed by two black rubber ends. This awkward coloring is somewhat unattractive. That said, the base plate is available in several different colors, which allows for better coordination with the colors of the ukulele or surrounding environment. The String Swing logo on the base is not very pronounced and should not be a significant distraction.

String Swing Metal Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger details 2


Priced at around $10 - $15, this String Swing hanger is a great way to hang your ukulele securely, and at a low price. As with most hangers, there is some setup required in mounting it to the wall. The quality of this hanger is excellent considering the price, with plenty of padding and support. The style is on the mediocre side, as the coloring may appear awkward or unattractive to some people.