String Swing Hardwood Ukulele Hanger Review


Pros: Hardwood base panel comes in different finishes to match any existing setup. Includes drywall screws for easy mounting.

Cons: Depending on the ukulele shape, the uke may stick out from the wall. This particular model is meant for ukuleles or mandolins and will not fit larger instruments.

String Swing Hardwood Ukulele Hanger details 1


The String Swing Hardwood Ukulele Hanger (CC01UK-O) is wall-mounted hanger that can support ukuleles and other small instruments like mandolins. The panel is built from solid wood and comes in four available finishes: Ash, Cherry, Oak, and Black Walnut. The package includes drywall screws which can be used as mounting hardware to attach it to the wall with a basic screwdriver. A yoke with rubberized padding protrudes form the base, and can be fine-tuned if necessary.


As with most instrument hangers, there is some initial setup for the installation process. Thankfully, it is relatively simple in this case. You can use a regular screwdriver on the included drywall screws to attach the hanger base to the wall. Depending on the construction of your walls, you may need to find a wall stud for this purpose. If you are renting, ensure that you are allowed to put holes in the walls. The fishbone-shaped hanger comes out of the base panel, and you can always make minor adjustments to it if you need to change the angling of your instrument.


The quality of this ukulele hanger is probably higher than you might expect for a $10 product. The installation package should secure the hanger to the wall easily. You can adjust the hanger, but depending on your preferences and instrument's shape, this may not be enough to your liking. In those cases, the ukulele may stick out at an odd angle, and would reduce the stability.


The wooden base panel is a nice touch, especially compared to more common black plastic or metal in many instrument hangers. Having four available finishes is also great, in that you can be sure it will match the accompanying instrument or nearby furniture. It earns high marks for style, but does not get a perfect score because of some minor qualms. The actual fishbone has a bit of an odd look to it, as well as strange mud-brown coloring.

String Swing Hardwood Ukulele Hanger details 2


The String Swing Ukulele Hanger provides a stylish basic hanger at a low price. It works great for easily hanging your ukulele up for display, but for larger instruments you will need to buy larger sized hangers. There is some minimal adjustability which should help for minor angling problems depending on the balance and shape of your ukulele. For a cheap wall-mounted hanger, you can't really go wrong with this String Swing model.