Walnut Ukulele Wall Mount Review


Pros: Attractive walnut base. Well-padded and supportive.

Cons: Installation hardware is of lower quality.

Walnut Ukulele Wall Mount details 1


The Jamver Walnut Ukulele Wall Mount is a two-pack of hangers which work great for ukuleles. It features a stylish hardwood walnut base, with padded metal arms for supporting the instrument. The arms are adjustable and should be able to fit a wide variety of instruments.


This hanger features a hardwood black walnut base, along with metal hooks, which help support heavier and larger instruments. The padded arms protect the ukulele from scratches, and the circular supports help to keep it in place. It comes in a pack of two, which could be a great value if you need to hang several instruments.


The walnut base and metal hooks are of high quality and strength, but the included hardware is less impressive. While it should be suitable for most cases, the wall screws and anchors may not be sufficient depending on the setup.


The base of the hanger is especially attractive with the black walnut material cut in the shape of an instrument body. The holes of the screws, along with the company logo, are both subdued and do not stand out. The brown padding on the arms is somewhat less stylish, but should have less of an impact on the overall view.

Walnut Ukulele Wall Mount details 2


At under $20 for two hangers, this pack is a great value if you have the need for multiple hangers. It has an attractive base, and is especially attractive when paired with similarly colored walnut instruments. Note that some players have complained about the lower quality of the included installation hardware.