ChromaCast Folding Ukulele Stand Review


Pros: Locking tripod legs ensure that the support doesn't buckle. Fully foldable for high portability. very inexpensive for a basic stand.

Cons: The lightweight material of the stand is relatively flimsy. Might be too small/light for larger musical instruments.

ChromaCast Folding Ukulele Stand details 1


The Chromacast Folding Ukulele Stand (CC-UKE-S) has a basic tripod design, with two supporting arms for the base of the ukulele, and snap locking legs. It is composed of lightweight metal, and is fully foldable. When unfolded, it measures 10" X 8" X 7.5", and when folded it measures 10" X 2" X 1.5". It is designed to fit standard ukulele sizes.


The support legs will snap lock in place, which help to stabilize the stand. This stand, like several others in its class, can be completely folded up for portability. The stand itself is actually fairly small, so it might be ill-fitted for larger instruments, which would be more susceptible to falling over. Because of this, the stand would be best suited for soprano and concert ukuleles in the standard shapes.


This ukulele stand is made from basic lightweight metal, which does seem somewhat flimsy. With this material, you will need to more careful to avoid any accidental bumping, as the stand may not be able to withstand heavy force. Although fine for most cases, you should place this somewhere without a risk of toppling the ukulele over. The padding is also somewhat thin, relative to similar stands. The stand only costs around $10, but because of these issues it earns a lower quality score.


Stylistically, this stand is reminiscent of many similarly-priced ukulele stands. The plain black metal results in a simple and functional style. The tripod-based design of the stand is somewhat unique, and appears to be more elegant than other types of leg support such as an A-frame design or a setup with supporting feet.

ChromaCast Folding Ukulele Stand details 2


At around $10, the ChromaCast Ukulele Stand is inexpensive, functional, and portable, making a great basic stand for your instrument. The simple style is adequate, and matches that of other stands. If you need something more durable, we would suggest looking at some of the other higher-priced stands available.