Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand Out Review


Pros: Simple design means you can take it apart easily for traveling. It is stylistically elegant, and will match mahogany ukes nicely. Fits other small instruments besides the ukulele, like mandolins.

Cons: Instruments with a narrow base (such as soprano pineapple ukuleles) may not fit as well. The stand may wobble if not assembled correctly. It is not made from solid wood, so don't abuse it!

Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand Out details 1


The Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand is composed of two pieces, each coated with a mahogany veneer. The two parts interlock to form an attractive and steady ukulele stand. Foam pads cover the surface area that comes in contact with the ukulele, which helps to protect your instrument from basic scuffs and scratches from coming in contact with the stand itself. This stand should be placed on a stable platform, such as a desk, table, or shelf.


Due to the simple design, there are not many additional features on this uke stand. The base can be taken apart very easily, which makes the stand very portable, so this may be useful if you travel or move around often. The ukulele is meant to fit snugly in the base of the stand, as there is no raised area to hold up the neck.


This stand has a very simple design, which should reduce potential manufacturing issues with the base itself. However, the base could potentially have a slight wobble to it depending on assembly. The base is covered with a mahogany veneer, but the stand itself is made from a pressed-paper material, and is not composed of solid wood. Stands are generally not subject to abuse, so this is not usually of concern for the average player. However, this does reduce the quality score for this stand. The foam strip used to cushion the ukulele is also relatively thin, and is not meant to prevent significant damage. These considerations of quality are reasonable, given the low price point.


The mahogany finish will help this stand blend in naturally with wooden furniture or flooring, and the simple design is elegant. Additionally, it will match well with wooden instruments, especially those made from mahogany. The wooden appearance is pleasant when compared with more typical black or metal stands. The overall style of this stand is quite attractive.

Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand Out details 2


The Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand costs approximately $25, which presents a great value for a low-cost, but stylish, ukulele stand. This stand will work best with mahogany instruments or furniture, as long as it is placed out of harm's way. It receives lower scores on features and quality - so be careful in setting it up and maintaining it long term.