Hola! Portable Ukulele Stand Review


Pros: Snug fit of the base with adjustable leg supports means that no arm support is needed. The stand completely folds up for high portability.

Cons: Very lightweight, which is a plus for traveling, but a minus for support. Appears mechanical and robotic in style.

Hola! Portable Ukulele Stand details 1


The Hola! Portable Stand for small instruments is a low cost and well-supported stand for ukuleles. It has excellent portability, and easily folds up into a small and lightweight formation. When opened up, it folds out to an A-frame design, but without the typical supporting arms. Instead, it simply has two supporting legs which are size-adjustable, and hold your ukulele in a snug fit. The style and design of the Hola! stand does deviate from the traditional design that is common to other ukulele stands on the market.


As opposed to most stands which have foam-padded support arms, the Hola! stand has an adjustable plastic base with silicone padding support (feels like soft rubber) for your ukulele. The adjustability of the base could be a useful feature if you need to use this stand for a variety of small instruments with different base sizes. The entire stand folds up to 8" x 4", and weighs it at only half a pound. This portability makes the Hola! stand ideal for travel.


The A-frame design ensures stability for the stand - however the stand is very light, so using it with larger instruments may impact stability. Similarly, it should only be placed on hard surfaces. The cushion padding protects your instruments at all contact points, and is similar in quality to many other stands on the market. The plastic is cheap, but seems to be robust as well, considering the price point.


Unless you enjoy seeing your instrument rest in a robotic apparatus from the 70s, you would probably agree that the style of this stand is quite clunky. The jagged edges, combined with variations of color tones, give this stand a very rigid look. If style is an important factor for you, we would recommend looking at other similar stands around this price point, which typically have plain, functional designs.

Hola! Portable Ukulele Stand details 2


At approximately $15, the Hola! Portable Stand makes a great choice if you're looking for an offbeat design for stand-style ukulele support. The adjustabiliy of the leg support, along with the excellent portability, make it a feature-rich and inexpensive stand. The only major issue is the actual style of the stand itself, so if that's important to you, opt for a simpler stand design instead.