ChromaCast Wood Ukulele Stand Review


Pros: Made of solid wood, and is very attractive. Has an interesting design and quick assembly with interlocking pieces. Maintains high portability, but not quite as well as foldable stands.

Cons: Not adjustable to different sizes of ukulele bases. Offers less support than typical flat stands.

ChromaCast Wood Ukulele Stand details 1


The Chromacast Wood Ukulele Stand (CC-UKE-WS) is composed of three separate wooden pieces. It assembles quickly and easily, and likewise disassembles for easy transport. In a unique design, two wooden legs are placed flat against the surface, with one spinal piece for supporting the upper back of the ukulele base. Padding at all contact points ensure that your instrument is safe from scratches with the stand itself.


This stand sports a unique design for a flat surface stand, yet can still be easily taken apart. However, it does not fold up like other stands in this category, and instead you need to disassemble the three pieces and then reassemble them in the new location. Since it has a single point of contact for upper support, it is essential to place this stand out of harm's way. Additionally, larger instruments may not be supported well at all.


The stand itself is made of solid beech wood, and is not simply a veneer coating as found in some other ukulele stands. Because it is completely wooden, care must be taken to keep the stand in a dry place. Therefore, it would not typically be suitable for use outdoors. The padding on the stand covers a very small area, and so the instrument must be well-placed to stand up securely. Most ukulele sizes should fit, but be sure to place it securely in the appropriate grooves.


Style is the main strong point of this particular ukulele stand. It is composed of solid wood, which would match excellently with wooden ukuleles, or with wooden furniture or flooring in the room. The unique stylish design makes it easy on the eyes, and it much more attractive than the average metallic stands or hangers. Assembly does not require any glue, so there is no risk in damaging the design there. The pieces interlock elegantly for a no-frills presentation.

ChromaCast Wood Ukulele Stand details 2


We would recommend this stand if you are looking for a stylish, wooden, and relatively inexpensive ukulele stand for indoor usage in a safe environment. Due to the design, it is somewhat less steady than other similarly-priced stands, so look elsewhere if you need higher security and support for your ukulele. Reports vary as to sizing - the stand is not adjustable, but most ukulele sizes should fit fine.