Gator Frameworks Ukulele Clip Hanger Review


Pros: Clip rotates for easy attachment to a variety of objects in either direction. Very durable and portable.

Cons: Only suitable for clipping. Not particularly stylish.

Gator Frameworks Ukulele Clip Hanger details 1


The Gator Frameworks Ukulele Clip Hanger is an excellent clip-on hanger from the American Company, Gator, well known for their insturment cases. The hanger secures a ukulele by attaching to various objects. The typical use case would be to clip it to a mic or music stand, but the hanger can also easily attach to furniture with thin edges, like a table, desk, or chair.


The primary feature of this clip-on hanger, is its versatility and portability. The clip itself is very strong, and can be quickly changed with the adjustable knob. This makes the process of moving it very simple, which is especially important for clip-style protection. This makes it easy to move between home and jam sessions if needed. The clip can also rotate, which allows you to use this hanger on vertical objects (like mic stands), as well as horizontal objects (like a desk). Just note, that there is a limit on the maximum width of the clip, so that it may not be compatible with very thick desks.


This hanger has excellent durability, so you don't need to worry about damaging the hanger itself. The clip portion of the product is composed of strong plastic and metal, while the hanger portion has a foam covering wgere the ukulele headstock will rest. As with all hangers, you should be mindful of where the ukulele is hanging, so that you don't accidentally bump the ukulele (as there is no rear protection).


While the functionality of this clip-on hanger is of very high quality, it is not the prettiest ukulele hanger in the shop. If you prefer a more elegant style, the wooden ukulele stands or hangers would be more to your liking. This hanger has a very simple style of plain black, with parts protruding for the clip. It isn't necessarily bad looking, but it certainly isn't very stylish either.

Gator Frameworks Ukulele Clip Hanger details 2


If you are looking for a versatile clip-on hanger for your ukulele, the Gator Clip Hanger is one of the best in its class. It features a wide rotatable clip, simple design, and high quality durability. At approximately $15, this is priced similarly to other hangers on the market. However, it lost some marks for style, due to it's plain design.